Basic Supplements

So Where Do You Start?

When people decide to take supplements, they can be overwhelmed by the vast array of products and brands. We are often asked, "So where do I start?" We suggest you start with the following Foundational Supplements:

  • A totally terrific multi-supplement containing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
  • A totally terrific EFA supplement.

Here's what we mean by a Totally Terrific Supplement:

Good Soil
Nutrient rich soil results in nutrient rich food

A Totally Terrific Supplement meets the criteria in our Ten Totally Terrific Questions in EAT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. In short, they are supplements that can be traced from…

…the broad-spectrum, phytonutrient-rich, certified organic soil

…that gave sustenance to the seed

…that became the plant

…that became the tablet

…that you put in your mouth.

That is a mouthful, indeed. And it’s what you’re looking for—and it’s what you should demand.

And remember: the most expensive supplements are those that do not work!

Freaky Fact

People are likely to conduct more extensive research for the purchase of their television sets than for the supplements they put in their mouths—because when it comes to supplements they don't know which questions to ask.

Related Supplements

Fish oil supplements, assayed for heavy metal toxins, are considered the best source of the two fatty acids EPA and DHA.

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