Calcium Carbonite Crystals
Calcium Carbonite Crystals

Most people are relatively comfortable with their understanding of dietary minerals, although perhaps they shouldn’t be. After all, many tend to get their information from news clips, magazine articles, and advertising. These media formats are necessarily simplistic, but they speak with such a tone of authority, people seldom question them.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to think of minerals as isolated nutrients, little silver bullets of nutrition. A news clip reveals that signs of iron deficiency include fatigue and weakness, so people supplement with iron. A television ad proclaims calcium is needed for strong bones, so people take calcium. A magazine article says bananas contain potassium, which sounds vaguely nutritious, so people eat bananas.

The fact is, however, minerals are much more inter-related than that. They depend on other nutrients, especially vitamins, in order to be effective. To learn more about the complex world of minerals as nutrition, read Chapter 11, "Mighty Minerals," in EAT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Freaky Fact

Calcium alone does not lay down bone.

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