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Would you wish to live a long healthier life?

Do you wish to raise the health of our world at precisely the exact same moment? Subsequently this blogpost is right for you! If you would like to go before it is your time and could not care less about the near future you will leave behind... Afterward you cannot sit . Excited to reside? I'm! Let us dive in.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy diets as:

"diets high in vegetables, fruit and whole grains, with limited intake of saturated fat, trans fats, sugar and salt"

What is the connection between a healthy and a sustainable diet?

Many scientist have analyzed the ecological impacts of various diets, with most agreeing that diets full of plant-based foods and also fewer foods from animal sources may benefit both the health and the health of Earth.

Plant based diets have been "win-win" - they're both good for you and also for Earth.

Scientist call this diet a "planetary wellness diet" to demonstrate the major link between human health and ecological sustainability.

Regardless of the title, this isn't a particular diet program but instead a flexible diet which contains veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and unsaturated oils; comprises a low to moderate quantity of poultry and seafood; also contains a very low amount of red meat, processed meat, additional sugars, refined grains, and starchy vegetables.

This diet is adaptable enough to operate for almost anyone regardless of their situation, heritage, and dietary preferences.

Now you know what the best part is? It will save a Great Deal of cash to follow a general diet:

Based upon Your present food budget you can easily save 1000-5000$ annually (after a standard American diet)‍ You'll be sick , lose less days on the job and spend less money on healthcare. An extra added advantage is that adhering to a planetary wellness diet will also raise the level of your daily life.

Why is a healthy and sustainable diet extremely important?

Food is just one of the greatest methods to boost human wellbeing and ecological sustainability on Earth.

Nevertheless, food is presently a threat to the people and world. Our global challenge isn't just how to feed an increasing population, but also the best way to supply a nutritious diet which may be sustained.

Globally, conventional diets (high in quality plant-based foods), have changed to a "Western-style" method of eating.

This method of eating isn't just bad, but also unsustainable. While the food manufacturing has generally kept pace with population increase. We have over 820 million people still lack food, and a lot more eat either low-fat diets or an excessive amount of food.

Unhealthy diets today pose a higher danger of folks to getting ill or dying than sexual intercourse, alcohol, tobacco and drugs usage combined. We want radical transfrmation of this international food system.

Though the entire food system -- out of farming to transportation, cooking and waste disposal - leads to those issues. Agriculture is the greatest cause of global ecological change. Changes which have climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, desertification, and harm to coastal reefs and marine ecosystems.

Just how much does food manufacturing affect the climate?

Our food manufacturing contributes approximately to 30 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE), in which the livestock industry are responsible for nearly half (14.5percent ) of these emissions. Itoccupies roughly 40 percent of global property, in which livestock uses 30 percent of the property. Uses 70 percent of freshwater. Has resulted in nearly 60 percent of the world fish stocks to be completely fished and 33 percent overfished -- just 7 percent are underfished. Present food production is currently driving climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and extreme changes in water and land usage. Without actions, today's children will inherit a degraded world.

A world where a lot of the populace will suffer from malnutrition and preventable illness.

You are able to alter the way food is created by making better food options. The fantastic news isthat a international adoption of this"planetary wellness diet" would provide important health benefits. Studies reveal we can avoid roughly 1 4 premature adult deaths every year. New findings indicates that agriculture may turn from foe to friend through improved procedures.

Actually, farming may go from carbon supply to carbon sink. Our growing knowledge about the condition of the planet, represents massive business opportunities. Opportunities, were we possess the ability to support the ideal companies and improve our position. Affects exactly what, and just how much we create.

By swallowing more"sustainable diets‟ -- diets which have lower environmental effects, and are fitter. It will require a large shift in how that you consume and for the large part, what you eat is 1 thing you have control over. Thus... You may make a choice now.

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PBF Baby #3: Weeks 28-30

Julie 28 weeks pregnant Ryder ChaseHey friends! Now that we’re about two months away from meeting our baby (what!?), I’m feeling quiiiite pregnant. When we last left off, I said I was going to try to check in with more frequent pregnancy updates every three weeks or so now that I’m in my third trimester. I enjoy documenting my pregnancies... 

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The post PBF Baby #3: Weeks 28-30 appeared first on Peanut Butter Fingers.

Julie 28 weeks pregnant Ryder ChaseHey friends! Now that we’re about two months away from meeting our baby (what!?), I’m feeling quiiiite pregnant. When we last left off, I said I was going to try to check in with more frequent pregnancy updates every three weeks or so now that I’m in my third trimester. I enjoy documenting my pregnancies... 

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The post PBF Baby #3: Weeks 28-30 appeared first on Peanut Butter Fingers.

Hey friends! Now that we’re about two months away from meeting our baby (what!?), I’m feeling quiiiite pregnant. When we last left off, I said I was going to try to check in with more frequent pregnancy updates every three weeks or so now that I’m in my third trimester. I enjoy documenting my pregnancies on the blog for the sake of nostalgia and a few weeks ago, I found myself feeling a little sad I don’t have more of this pregnancy documented, though I know that from an emotional standpoint, I shared pregnancy updates in this space when it felt right to share.

Just in case you’re interested in catching up on baby #3 updates so far, here are all of my baby/pregnancy-related posts in one place:

  • Pregnancy Announcement: Our Family is Growing!
  • Baby #3: All the Details (So Far)
  • 27 Weeks with Baby #3

A whopping three posts! Ha! I must admit, this pregnancy has felt like a complete whirlwind and I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that I have two energetic kiddos to look after as our third baby grows in my belly but I have to think that’s a BIG part of it! Anyway, I really do hope to do a better job of sharing the end of my pregnancy on the blog and am kicking things off with a recap of the last three weeks of my pregnancy below.

Also, I hope this goes without saying at this point in this space, but please take time away from my blog right now if reading about pregnancy causes you any pain. I get it completely and am sending you love.

PBF Baby #3: Weeks 28-30

  • 28 Weeks Pregnant

Julie 28 weeks pregnant Ryder Chase

My 28th week of pregnancy was a smooth one! It kicked off with a prenatal appointment (which was technically at the very end of my 27th week) and this appointment also included my glucose screening. The appointment went well, though when my doctor asked me about feeling our baby’s movements, I shared that I still wasn’t feeling too much. I previously learned that I have an anterior placenta so this is to be expected but when I told my doctor there was still no way I could calculate kick counts at this point, she recommended a non-stress test just to make sure our baby’s heart rate looked good and consistent over a 20-minute time period.

This made me a little anxious for obvious reasons but ended up being a wonderful blessing because everything looked great and “as it should” at this point in my pregnancy. It’s just crazy to me how much an anterior placenta impacts the movement I’m feeling because during the non-stress test, I could hear big movements but barely felt a thing!

As for how I am feeling right now, I’m definitely feeling more and more pregnant by the day! My belly feels like a force and by the end of the day, it feels like it’s stretched to the max and sometimes uncomfortably big/full which I know is comical since I still have a lot of growing to do!

My workout motivation this week has been L-O-W but thankfully I am still loving just being outside and staying active with the boys so I feel like while my workouts haven’t been overly consistent, I have been active. That’ll do for me! In terms of food, my motivation to cook anything is also low right now but easy-to-make meals like oatmeal, sandwiches, grain bowls and smoothies are getting the job done. Oh and I feel like I’m eating my bodyweight in fruit every day — we’re talking whole bags of grapes in one day and endless amounts of watermelon. Fruit is my BFF.

  • 29 Weeks

My 29th week of pregnancy was rather uneventful but in a good way! I had another prenatal appointment and once again got to hear our little one’s heartbeat. During this appointment, I came to my doctor with some questions about delivering at our hospital in the middle of a pandemic and learned that I will have to be tested for COVID-19 upon my arrival and only permitted to have Ryan in the hospital room with me — no other visitors will be allowed during our stay. I will also be switching to some virtual appointments versus coming into the office, assuming I feel regular movement from our baby and everything else feels normal.

Speaking of baby movement, toward the end of my 29th week of pregnancy I began to feel a lot more movement from our little one. It’s still not constant nor is it all day every day but at least movements are daily and becoming increasingly obvious. It does a lot to ease my anxiety and I love feeling those sweet baby rolls! (This was also the first week Chase felt our baby move and it was so, so awesome. He was so excited!)

During my prenatal appointment, I also stepped on the scale and learned that my weight is within a couple of pounds of the weight I was when I delivered Chase! I guess the fact that I’ve been feeling much larger much earlier this pregnancy wasn’t all in my head! My doctor wasn’t concerned since my weight gain is still within the normal range at this time but I’m now 28 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight and definitely feeling large all over. During all of my pregnancies, I feel like I’m pregnant in my arms, legs, butt and hips, too, and that’s certainly the case this time as well. While I admittedly struggle some days with feeling rather big and less-than-beautiful, I fully believe my body is gaining the weight it needs to gain and doing exactly what it needs to do to carry a healthy baby right now. I have a sense of peace and gratitude over the changes my body goes through during pregnancy and as long as my doctor isn’t worried about my weight gain, I am not either.

  • 30 Weeks

This was the week of the pregnancy sigh! Phewwww. I’m feeling the weight of my belly more and more and am very aware of the space our little one is taking up in there. It seems to be leading to constant sighing as a way to catch my breath. I feel like I’m sighing so much right now that I had to tell Ryan not to take my sighing as some kind of passive aggressive response to whatever he’s saying or doing. I’m just trying to comfortably breathe!

While I feel good when I’m standing, walking or lying down, sitting on a plush couch is oddly not the most comfortable thing because it can make me feel squished. Apparently this little one needs lots of room to feel comfy!

As far as food this week, I cannot stop eating big bowls of oatmeal. (Can you tell this was the inspiration behind Monday’s 10 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes blog post?) I feel almost apathetic about food right now and nothing really sounds that good to me. I just want bland, filling, carby foods and oatmeal is my go-to right now. I load up a big bowl with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and raisins and go to town. Oh and I also am oddly obsessed with Hawaiian sweet rolls, aka doughy pillows of happiness. My appetite is raging in the morning and I swear some days I feel like I eat non-stop from 6 a.m. to noon but then I am never really that excited about dinner. My appetite seems to taper off at the end of every day but that’s been a theme for me this entire pregnancy.

In terms of other symptoms, I’m actually feeling relatively normal outside of obvious physical changes and food preferences. I feel rather exhausted at the end of every day and often want to curl up in bed by 8 p.m. I am also experiencing semi-regular calf and foot cramps but other than that, I’m feeling good! I hope I’m saying similar things in another three weeks when I hope to check in and share another pregnancy update with you guys again!

The post PBF Baby #3: Weeks 28-30 appeared first on Peanut Butter Fingers.

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