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Would you wish to live a long healthier life?

Do you wish to raise the health of our world at precisely the exact same moment? Subsequently this blogpost is right for you! If you would like to go before it is your time and could not care less about the near future you will leave behind... Afterward you cannot sit . Excited to reside? I'm! Let us dive in.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy diets as:

"diets high in vegetables, fruit and whole grains, with limited intake of saturated fat, trans fats, sugar and salt"

What is the connection between a healthy and a sustainable diet?

Many scientist have analyzed the ecological impacts of various diets, with most agreeing that diets full of plant-based foods and also fewer foods from animal sources may benefit both the health and the health of Earth.

Plant based diets have been "win-win" - they're both good for you and also for Earth.

Scientist call this diet a "planetary wellness diet" to demonstrate the major link between human health and ecological sustainability.

Regardless of the title, this isn't a particular diet program but instead a flexible diet which contains veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and unsaturated oils; comprises a low to moderate quantity of poultry and seafood; also contains a very low amount of red meat, processed meat, additional sugars, refined grains, and starchy vegetables.

This diet is adaptable enough to operate for almost anyone regardless of their situation, heritage, and dietary preferences.

Now you know what the best part is? It will save a Great Deal of cash to follow a general diet:

Based upon Your present food budget you can easily save 1000-5000$ annually (after a standard American diet)‍ You'll be sick , lose less days on the job and spend less money on healthcare. An extra added advantage is that adhering to a planetary wellness diet will also raise the level of your daily life.

Why is a healthy and sustainable diet extremely important?

Food is just one of the greatest methods to boost human wellbeing and ecological sustainability on Earth.

Nevertheless, food is presently a threat to the people and world. Our global challenge isn't just how to feed an increasing population, but also the best way to supply a nutritious diet which may be sustained.

Globally, conventional diets (high in quality plant-based foods), have changed to a "Western-style" method of eating.

This method of eating isn't just bad, but also unsustainable. While the food manufacturing has generally kept pace with population increase. We have over 820 million people still lack food, and a lot more eat either low-fat diets or an excessive amount of food.

Unhealthy diets today pose a higher danger of folks to getting ill or dying than sexual intercourse, alcohol, tobacco and drugs usage combined. We want radical transfrmation of this international food system.

Though the entire food system -- out of farming to transportation, cooking and waste disposal - leads to those issues. Agriculture is the greatest cause of global ecological change. Changes which have climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, desertification, and harm to coastal reefs and marine ecosystems.

Just how much does food manufacturing affect the climate?

Our food manufacturing contributes approximately to 30 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE), in which the livestock industry are responsible for nearly half (14.5percent ) of these emissions. Itoccupies roughly 40 percent of global property, in which livestock uses 30 percent of the property. Uses 70 percent of freshwater. Has resulted in nearly 60 percent of the world fish stocks to be completely fished and 33 percent overfished -- just 7 percent are underfished. Present food production is currently driving climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and extreme changes in water and land usage. Without actions, today's children will inherit a degraded world.

A world where a lot of the populace will suffer from malnutrition and preventable illness.

You are able to alter the way food is created by making better food options. The fantastic news isthat a international adoption of this"planetary wellness diet" would provide important health benefits. Studies reveal we can avoid roughly 1 4 premature adult deaths every year. New findings indicates that agriculture may turn from foe to friend through improved procedures.

Actually, farming may go from carbon supply to carbon sink. Our growing knowledge about the condition of the planet, represents massive business opportunities. Opportunities, were we possess the ability to support the ideal companies and improve our position. Affects exactly what, and just how much we create.

By swallowing more"sustainable diets‟ -- diets which have lower environmental effects, and are fitter. It will require a large shift in how that you consume and for the large part, what you eat is 1 thing you have control over. Thus... You may make a choice now.

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What a Coincidence…Or Is It?

How often do you hear someone ask (or perhaps you have posed the same question), "Isn't that a coincidence?" or "What a coincidence that we met! What were the chances?" The phenomenon of coincidences has fascinated people for millennia. Some say they are hogwash, others assign deep mystical meaning to them, while others are somewhere […]

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How often do you hear someone ask (or perhaps you have posed the same question), "Isn't that a coincidence?" or "What a coincidence that we met! What were the chances?" The phenomenon of coincidences has fascinated people for millennia. Some say they are hogwash, others assign deep mystical meaning to them, while others are somewhere […]

The post What a Coincidence…Or Is It? appeared first on

How often do you hear someone ask (or perhaps you have posed the same question), "Isn't that a coincidence?" or "What a coincidence that we met! What were the chances?" The phenomenon of coincidences has fascinated people for millennia. Some say they are hogwash, others assign deep mystical meaning to them, while others are somewhere in between. Among the research about the topic is the idea that coincidences are believed to have a deep connection with self-awareness and spirituality.

What is a coincidence?

Coincidence has been defined in a multitude of ways. Among them is one by the mathematicians Frederick Mosteller and Persi Diaconis, who explained it in a 1989 paper as "a surprising concurrence of events, perceived as meaningfully related, with no apparent causal connection." 

Why do coincidences happen?

Why do surprising or extraordinary events happen? There are several schools of thought. One is that a common factor could be present. If you run into a friend from your hometown of Chicago, Illinois, while you're visiting Italy, for example, it may be that you both have harbored a secret desire to vacation there. In the psychology realm, there's the idea that we have an unconscious ability for heightened perception to something we may have recently heard or experienced, so we notice when something relating to it occurs. For example, you meet someone named Eleanor, and moments later you hear "Eleanor Rigby" on the radio. Coincidence? 

Here's a scientific look. Let's say there are 30 people in a room. The probability is that at least two people in the room share the same birthday. This has been proven scientifically (mathematically). If you were talking with each person and asked their birthday, you would discover that at least one person shared that day with you. Would that feel like a coincidence? Likely.

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However, what if you didn't know someone else shared your birthday because you never asked anyone in the room. The fact would still remain. Is it still a coincidence if it is not revealed? 

Another explanation for coincidences is called the law of truly large numbers. This means that anything is possible and will eventually occur if you wait long enough. If you own a red Volkswagon, eventually you will see another one driving down the road if you wait long enough. One other explanation that is popular concerning coincidence involves synchronicity. 

Coincidence vs synchronicity

Many people use coincidence and synchronicity interchangeably, but they are not the same. As Mark Hyman, MD, explains, synchronicity is "a meaningful coincidence—an event on the outside that speaks to something on the inside—as opposed to just a random occurrence." The term synchronicity, which was originally coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, therefore, is like coincidence squared or super-sized: it has a much deeper, often life-altering, even spiritual meaning, to the individual who experiences it. When we explore our own awareness at a deep level, we realize that everything in the world is connected, and synchronicity reveals that truth to us.

In fact, from the scientific realm comes this explanation by physicist Stephen J. Davis:

"In physics, we are taught that every single particle in the universe has a gravitational effect upon every other particle, no matter how far the particles are separated. This unified effect supports the theories that all events are related, in some way, to each other. Thus it can be said that synchronicity is merely a very personal and subjective observation of this inter-connected universe of which we are but a small part." 

Thus, synchronicity is not separate from us or our world; it is related and a part of the whole.

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Coincidence and spirituality

The deep connectedness associated with coincidences and especially with synchronicity introduces the concept of spirituality. According to Bernard D. Beitman, MD, certain personality traits seem to more likely to experience coincidences. Among them are individuals who describe themselves as spiritual or religious and/or people who routinely seek meaning in their lives and who are more self-aware and in tune with their environment. 

Therefore, synchronicities are events that often have spiritual undertones and prompt us to become even more aware of our interconnectedness with people, places, and things. When that occurs, we tend to behave in ways that demonstrate and advance that connectedness. We might take actions that help us generate those feelings and express the spirituality we have tapped into, such as doing volunteer work, practicing meditation, or exploring our feelings through writing or art. 

How to make sense of coincidences and synchronicity

If you want to try to make sense of the unexplained events or conditions that occur in your life, write them down. Every time something occurs, whether it's in a dream or it's a feeling, coincidence, or inspiration, jot it down in a journal, on your computer, or on your phone. Basically, you force yourself to pay attention to the things in your life. As you accumulate your notes, you may begin to see clues to how things make sense. 

The secret is to allow yourself to think outside the box. Tap into your intuition. Let your mind go; perhaps you can meditate on what you have written down. 

When you begin to appreciate coincidences and synchronicity in your life, you will experience the magic they possess and the realm of infinite possibilities. This is a state of synchro destiny, according to Deepak Chopra, MD, who has written many books, including The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. When you reach this state of being, "it becomes possible to achieve the spontaneous fulfillment of our every desire." 

That's because coincidences are not accidents, says Chopra, but indications from the universe that can help us find our way to our true destiny. The secret is to always pay attention and to ask questions of yourself. 

  • What is the universe telling me?
  • Am I following my life's desire?
  • What spiritual lessons can I learn from these experiences?
  • How are these experiences affecting my work and relationships?

Bottom line 

Coincidences and synchronicity are all around us; we just need to pay attention. Dr. Carder Stout explains that Jung's concept of synchronicity was that it involved "unseen energies of the universe, each complimenting the others in realms of psyche and matter." Jung suggested that synchronistic events might be "manifestations of a specific desire deriving from the humanistic need to heal and grow." Are you willing to pay attention to coincidences and synchronicity? Do you want to heal and grow?

DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Naturally Savvy will receive a small commission so we can keep pumping out amazing articles like this one. Thank you so much for your support!
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